ATTIKI Honey – Eklekti Physi (Premium by Nature)

Three new honey varieties offering three new gustatory experiences from all over Greece. Each variety stands outs for its special taste, unique flavor and distinctive aroma. ATTIKI Honey – Eklekti Physi will fill your moments with pleasure and relish!

The new brand Eklekti Physi comprises of three unique varieties, which you may enjoy in 470gr jars:

Oak: produced by oak honeydews during summertime. A honey with distinct and intense flavor, thick and dark-colored.

Pine & Citrus Fruit: produced by pine honeydews at the forests of Chalkidiki, Thassos and Evia, along with the aromatic nectar of citrus fruits farmed at the regions of Peloponnesus, Epirus and Crete. A honey with fruity aroma, sweet taste and long & intense aftertaste.

Fir: produced by the Cephalonian fir which extensively covers mountainous regions in Greece. A dark-colored honey, with mild and sweet taste.


100g 1 portion 100g 1 portion 100g 1 portion
Energy 1453 kJ/ 342 kcal 305 kJ/ 79 kcal 1411 kJ/ 332 kcal 296 kJ/ 70 kcal 1445 kJ/ 340 kcal 303 kJ/  71 kcal
Fat 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g
of which saturates 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g 0g
Carbonhydrate 85g 18g 83g 17g 85g 18g
of which sugars 62g 13g 70g 15g 64g 13g
Protein 0,4g 0,08g <0,2g <0,04g <0,2g <0,04g
Salt <0,01g 0g <0,01g 0g <0,01g 0g
* 1 portion =21g 1 portion =21g 1 portion =21g


  100g 1 portion