Since 2002, our Company has included in its organization chart an independent Apiculture Development Department, staffed with beekeeping-oriented and well-experienced agriculturists.

This Department, in close cooperation with our Procurement Department, has developed an action plan, aiming at the improvement and further support of apiculture, including activities such as:

  • keeping beekeepers updated on the applicable legislation, the available subsidies and funding options for their operations;
  • drawing-up and distribution of a manual of hands-on courses and consultation on apiculture, the scheduling of activities throughout the year and training on beekeeping practices;
  • holding educational seminars and training sessions with internal trainers and university professors of apiculture, wishing to turn apiculture from an amateur occupation into a business activity, to efficiently organize the stages of production and to effectively address potential risks that may arise along the way.
  • organizing information meetings with groups of beekeepers, in order to exchange experiences and to deal with production problems on a collective basis.


Through the above activities, beekeepers gain advanced and updated know-how, which, in turn, helps them improve both the quality and the quantity of their produce.

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