Attiki-Pittas and Piraeus Bank support the professional beekeepers affected by the fires in North Evia

Attiki-Pittas in cooperation with Piraeus Bank are supporting the beekeepers affected by the catastrophic fires in Northern Evia, which shocked our country last summer. An action taken for the professional honey producers who live or work in the area and collect the unique Evia’s pine honey.


Piraeus Bank finances company Attiki-Pittas, in order to allocate the corresponding amount directly to the beekepers, as an additional facility for their immediate needs, created due to the fire, such as:1. Replacement of burned beehives.2. Transport coverage, especially for producers who have to move the beehives to other productive areas.3. Coverage of labor costs for the movement of hives from the affected areas.4. Covering needs to purchase equipment (in some cases trucks) to move the beehives.5. Covering additional costs for producers who transport their beehives (payment of rents for the new areas they are going to). As stated by Mr. George Pittas, President of Attiki-Pittas “Our company, realizing the serious effects of the recent fires in North Evia, immediately acted to support our beekeepers who were affected by them. Our goal remains the development of Greek beekeeping and investment in it, and we thank Piraeus Bank for its rapid contribution to the joint draft of a financial support program for our affected beekeepers.”


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