Attiki -Pittas supports The Smile of the Child

Attiki-Pittas in the framework of the strategic cooperation of the initiative HELLA-DIKA MAS with “The Smile of the Child”, supports the organization, covering the annual honey needs of all children growing up in its 11 Houses nationwide.
“By offering Attiki honey to these children, we also get a big ” Smile” because we know that especially at this time, the need to incorporate products of high nutritional value in one’s diet is of great importance. As a member of the HELLA-OUR initiative, we recognize these important actions and we respond immediately “, stated Alexandra Pitta-Hazapi, CEO of Attiki-Pittas.Attiki-Pittas with responsibility towards society, has as a core strategy the responsibility to inform about healthy diet, and to make sure that it offers high quality Greek honey, of great nutritional value.


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