Attiki-Pittas centenarian brands platinum award

At the 21st Marketing and Sales Conference, Attiki-Pittas was granted the Platinum award for the 93 years of history in the CENTENARIAN BRANDS category. With more than 90 years of History, Experience and Love for Greek honey, Attiki-Pittas proved that it stands the test of time time, as do its brands of Attiki and Fino honey.

The award was presented by the Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiadis and received by Alexandra Pitta-Chazapi, CEO of the company, who thanked the planners of the conference and stated among other things, “Our company has completed 93 years of continuous presence in Greece and abroad and was the first one since its establishment to deal exclusively with the Greek honey market, and made the Greek honey known for its uniqueness, with its brands Attiki and Fino. We hope that our vision and successful course continue for the next 100 years “.