The ATTIKI Loukoumi range includes a traditional sweet from the area of Serres, called Akanes, which is made following the traditional recipe for its preparation, using butter.

Serres Akanes, three centuries of history

Akanes Lailia of Serres, a well-known and cherished delicacy of our country, has 300 years of tradition behind it. Preserving its authentic recipe, it was passed down from one generation to another, and still has faithful fans today. Thanks to its exceptional quality and pure ingredients, Akanes is still worthy of its reputation, and has found its place among a new generation of gourmands. Its name goes back to the years of the Turkish Occupation, when the local rulers in Serres asked the locals to make them a sweet. The people of Serres made a thick batter from sugar cane, combined with almonds and fresh aromatic butter from the Lailias peak, in the local mountain. As the batter boiled in large cauldrons, someone would have to stir it constantly with a big spoon. The ruler supervising the procedure would tell the cook “AKA”, meaning mix, and he would answer “NAI”, i.e. yes. And this is how this mouth-watering delicacy got its name.


  100g 1 portion
Energy1574kJ / 392kcal315kJ / 78kcal
of which saturates1.6g0.3g
of which sugars72g14g
*1 portion=20g