FEEDMS conference in Athens with Mr. Pittas as President

Mr. Giorgos Pittas completed his two-year successful course as President of FEEDM, the European Federation of Honey Packagers and Distributors, inviting the 60 European delegates, members of the Federation, to a meeting in Athens on March 21st & 22nd.

During the conference the issues discussed were related to the continuation of the high quality of European honey, the fight against fraud and the campaign for a healthier nutrition.

At the end of the conference, Mr Pittas transferred the Presidency’s responsibility to the representative of Portugal, stating: “Two years ago when I took over the FEEDM chairmanship, I said that I believe in honey, I support beekeeping and I think its biggest contribution is pollination. I find it a happy coincidence that the European Parliament has adopted the same principles with a different priority, namely biodiversity and perpetual production needs the bee, as the most important pollinator. Here comes our own contribution and my own vision of recognizing today the necessity of honey in our diet, a natural product of great history and great importance, as the food of the Olympian gods. “