Attiki honey plays soccer in Japan

The first event for the promotion of the Greek honey Attiki in Tsukuba, Tokyo was very successful and it happened during soccer games for the schools’ cup named “Attiki Cup”, for students under 10 years old. The aim was to promote the quality of Greek honey and to educate students and parents about its nutritional value.

Many of the attendants tried Attiki honey, plain or with yogurt and were very excited with its taste. Success was sealed by the fact that everybody requested for the event to take place again the following year.

With the right organization of similar events the goal is to introduce the Greek honey Attiki to the daily diet and make it essential ingredient for students’ and young people’s meals. This way Attiki honey will win the very demanding, as far as it concerns healthy nutrition, Japanese consumers.Since the beginning, the main goal of Attiki-Pittas company is to educate globally about the values of quality Greek honey, under the brand Attiki. Attiki-Pittas exports since 1930, and the products are sold in all five continents.


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