Alexandra Pitta-Chazapi receives an award at the Athens Business Women Forum 2017

The Athens Business Women Forum 2017 held by the Region of Attica and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) was a great success. Based on the example of the United Nations’ international initiative, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, the event celebrated and rewarded female entrepreneurship.


Alexandra Pitta-Chazapi, president of the ACCI export department and CEO of the Attiki Bee-Culturing Company, received an award for her entrepreneurship and was also a member of a panel discussing “The first steps to entrepreneurship”.

Her speech focused on the start of her own professional career at the age of 18, when she was still a student, from her perspective as a woman who has successfully competed in the business arena, but also on combining the demanding roles of wife, businesswoman and mother.

As she said during her speech, “When Greek women entrepreneurs are determined and have a specific goal, nothing can prevent them from succeeding. There will be adversities to overcome but in the end, they will succeed. And if they truly want to, they can combine the three roles of mother, wife and businesswoman. That’s why we have to believe in our abilities and keep moving forward.”


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